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The Original Covers

The original covers for Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen were designed by Hampton at TS95 Studios. I picked out the font to be a mimic of a tattoo style, but with a touch of Southern flare. I love these covers and I think my favorite Amazing Grace.

Tinsel in a Tangle won a Cover Design of the Month award by The Cover Designer website in December 2017. 

The earliest edition of Bless Your Heart had a different female model, and a male model that was supposed to be Dylan. I felt like it seemed too romancy for an Urban Fantasy novel, so we reworked the first cover. 

Later on, I decided that the entire series was doing well, but not as well as the potential it carried. I hired Audrey Logsdon to rebrand the covers. 

Haint Blue special edition was a dream of mine to put Levi on a cover because he deserved it, and between those two covers, I can't decide which version I like better. 

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