Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen

Bless Your Heart, Book One

Wild Goose Chase, Free Short

Tinsel in a Tangle, Book Two

Snake in the Grass, Book Three

Swappin' Gravy, Free Short

Comin' Up a Cloud, Book Four

Gully Washer, Book Five

Whiskey in a Teacup, Free Short

Moonshine in a Mason Jar, Book Six

Hotter Than Blue Blazes, Book Seven

A Month of Sundays, Short Story (Coming Soon)

Sight for Sore Eyes, Book Eight

Haint Blue, Book Nine

Fuller Than a Tick, Book Ten

Jingle in Your Jangle, Free Short

Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed, Book Eleven

Magnolias: No Steel Please, Free Short

Suck It Up, Buttercup, Book Twelve

Chapter 26, SIUB Bonus Chapter, Free

Fit to Be Tied, Book Thirteen

Pitchin' A Hissy Fit, Book Fourteen

Amazing Grace, Book Fifteen

Amazing Grace Epilogue, Free

All free shorts and epilogues can be found on my Facebook page in the Announcement section. Follow the links to the post, and you will find the link and password to access these freebies. No subscription required. 

Stories of Frost and Fire


Dog River Wolfpack

These series can be read separately, but are meant to be read in tandem.

SOFAF-Stories of Frost and Fire

DRW-Dog River Wolfpack

ATN- A Trailerverse Novel

Zero Hour, SOFAF Prequel

First Flame, SOFAF Book One

Wayward Son, DRW Prequel

Bad Moon Rising, DRW Book One

Second Sight, SOFAF Book Two

Midnight Rider, DRW Book Three

Never to Wonder, ATN Book One

Triple Threat, SOFAF, Book Three

Flirtin' With Disaster, DRW Book Three

Quartet of Queens, SOFAF Book Four

Born on the Bayou, DRW Book Four

Final Flight, SOFAF Book Five

Simple Man, DRW Book Five

One of the Pack, ATN Book Two

Mark's Story can be found in the free epilogues from the SOFAF and DRW books. Click the links below to find them.

SOFAF Epilogues

DRW Epilogues

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