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Grace Ann Bryant

Name: Grace Ann Bryant, Gloriana, Hannah
Appearance: As Gloriana, she has long platinum hair with turquoise eyes. As Grace, she is a brunette with whiskey brown eyes. 
Family: Oberon, King of the Unseelie and Wild Fairies in Winter; Nestor Gwinn, grandfather and owner of Hot Tin Roof Bar; Wynonna Jones (Riggs), adopted daughter; Aydan Riggs, son with Dylan Riggs; Callum Fannon, adopted son; Levi Rearden, husband (Fit to be Tied); Dylan Riggs, fiance (deceased, Sight for Sore Eyes)
Information: Grace becomes Queen of the Exiles at the end of Bless Your Heart. Then the heir to the winter throne after her father sacrifices himself for her in Snake in the Grass. Grace adopts Winnie when her mother dies in Tinsel in a Tangle.  In Hotter than Blue Blazes Astor informs Grace of her ties to the Arthurian legends. Grace begins collecting knights to take over the Winter Otherworld which has been stolen by her uncle Brockton.
Grace and Dylan get enagaged on Christmas after many years of flirting and fighting. Prior to Dylan, Grace had only given her heart to two others: Cohen and Remington Blake. Dylan opened Grace's heart to the possibility of having a family and fighting for love. Dylan sacrficed his life in Sight for Sore Eyes to save their daughter, Winnie. 
Grace has a unique bond with her bard, Levi Rearden. They are able to communicate telepathically. They also Swap Gravy (share power) via their tattoos. The powers that be arranged for Grace and Levi to have this bond. 
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